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Fast, Nimble, Always on Target.

W​e're Accurate Focus

Accurate Focus is owned and operated by Daniel Connor. As a career marketer, consultant, WW II history buff and avid hunter, Dan understands the importance of solid aim and focus to get the job done once, and done right.

Accurate Focus LLC is a nimble, state-of-the-art market research company located just minutes from downtown Providence, Rhode Island—a diverse and thriving city in its own right but also one conveniently nestled between New York and Boston providing unlimited potential for research recruitment as well as access to a city filled with rich culture and accommodations for clients that prefer to be onsite as research is conducted.

Our facilities are capable of accommodating all research methodologies with a special emphasis on focus group.

Comfortable and adaptive, the site is fully capable of satisfying even the most skilled multi-taskereven one who'd prefer to watch a group from the comfort of his or her own office or home.

Prefer not to be on-site, that's not a problem. Accurate Focus can enable a client to watch a session from the comfort of his or her own office or home. 

Our goal is to build lasting client relationships by exceeding expectations at a fair price.  We pride ourselves on our proven recruitment track record.

Call us today and let's make sure your projects are always on target.

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